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WindowGain turns vacant spaces into high-definition, messaging masterpieces - and helps solve the problem of vacancy. Put your vacant spaces to work!

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“I just thought I would let you know that your display has been very very very well received by our visitors.  Your weather display and the information has literally stopped people in their tracks.”
- Andrea Simpson, Boston Properties

digital signageThe digital advertising revolution is happening now. The difference is clear - so clear in fact, it's like looking through a window - your window, with your brand in crisp, 1080p resolution.

WindowGain is an innovative media company that turns vacant storefronts into high-definition, advertising masterpieces.


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“Its power to transform vacant units into customer attractions maximizes value for Westfield customers and improves the experience of shoppers visiting our centres.”
- Karen Heyes, The Westfield Group

why use windowgain
WindowGain, Inc. is an innovative media company creating an entirely new advertising canvas out of your retail vacancies. Using a patent-pending process, we temporarily convert existing windows into vivid, high-definition video displays.

WindowGain displays require no exterior construction, and all equipment is
set up on the interior. The displays actually appear to be part of your building.

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They provide a very unique and great use for your temporarily vacant spaces - something innovative and different while generating some revenue.
- David Fleming, W/S Development

what can windowgain do for you
Content features a dynamic mix of news and information about your company and properties, weather and other current events, advertisements, public service announcements and entertaining content.

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WindowGain adds tremendous value to our services for developers and commercial property companies. As a new and exciting media it fits perfectly with the Savills brand. People are stopping to look…
- Victor Ktori, Savills (UK)


Contact WindowGain today to learn more about how to beautify and earn revenue from your vacancies and properties without any out-of-pocket expenses!

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1. What specific services does WindowGain offer?
WindowGain is a full-service out-of-home advertising company. Our services to real estate owners include the installation and maintenance of our proprietary high-resolution displays, content development for your property and/or tenants, and advertising sales.

2. What are the space, power, and connectivity requirements for a WindowGain display?
A typical display requires 10 feet of unobstructed space behind the window(s) to be utilized, internet access, and standard 20-amp circuits

3. What exactly is going to appear on my window(s)?
Information about your properties and company, short versions of TV commercials, static billboard images, Flash animations/renderings, news feeds and public service announcements.

4. Who generally advertises with you?
Local businesses, national brands, cultural institutions, and local municipalities.

5. How much do companies pay to advertise on your displays?
Advertising rates at a particular location are dependent on the demographics and quantity of viewers.

6. What control do I have over the content?
WindowGain will work with your leasing and/or marketing team in order to target the ideal advertisers and content providers for your properties and to generally avoid any conflicts of interest.

7. Can I insert my own content – e.g. for leasing contact information or images for new tenants?
Absolutely. We realize that your primary focus is on renting your vacancies.

8. How much can I expect to receive for the use of my window?
WindowGain compensates real estate owners with a fixed monthly rate of $1,000 - $3,000 and will provide time allocation for owner’s messaging on relevant displays. The monthly rate depends on the daily traffic and demographics of your location as well as the length of the contract.

9. How long is the term of an agreement? What if my vacant space is leased?
Contracts of five years or longer will maximize your monthly payments, but we can service individual locations for a minimum of 30 days. If a vacant space is leased during a contract, we can move the display to another vacant space within your property or portfolio.

10. Can you change the content remotely, or do you need to be on site?
All content is hosted remotely and downloaded to each display location in real-time. On-site visits are limited to regular maintenance of the display system hardware.

11. Do you need to obtain permits for your displays?
Permit requirements vary from location to location. If we determine that a permit is necessary, we will pay all associated fees required by the relevant municipality.

12. What if I don’t have any vacant retail spaces?
WindowGain provides a host of advertising and entertainment solutions specifically designed for food courts, parking garages, mall entrances, movie theatres and many additional locations.