window display technology video on windows

Using a patent-pending process, we are creating an entirely new and untapped canvas for advertisers by converting underused windows into vivid, high-definition video displays.

digital window displays

digital signage technology

Break your message into dayparts, combine killer creative with live newsfeeds, and display location-specific information to consumers on the go ... all in real time and in ultra-high definition. This technical flexibility, along with careful selection of our display locations, allows you to deliver the right message at the right location at the right time.

Our display systems allow you to use content of just about any format. Whether you've spent tens of thousands on an incredible HDTV spot, or you just have a logo that you would like us to animate, our web-based content management system allows us to update your spot within minutes and without any downtime.

Since today's consumer trends change so quickly, let us show you how liberating it is to work on an out-of-home digital campaign in real-time!

An example of how RSS Newsfeeds display live on our signage

digital out of home advertising

Static images are so 2003. Saying anything is so something else is so 1999. OK, we'll stop. But seriously, did you notice the big, giant image on the homepage telling you that 75% of people are not at home right now watching TV? They're out and about, living their lives. WindowGain gives you the opportunity to reach them as they live, with the newest form out of home advertising.

Don't trust your campaign to static images on a distant sign that people might not even see. Put it on street level, in ultra high-definition with content that can be updated as often as you need it. Plans change too quickly to trust a campaign to a 4-week lead time. Let us show you how liberating it is to work on an out of home campaign in real time!

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