windowgain high definition digital displays

New England School of Law

As part of their brand-awareness campaign, The New England School of Law has signed on with WindowGain at several network display locations, including The Shops at The Prudential Center, The Citi Performing Arts Center and Lansdowne Street displays.

Visit the New England School of Law website here.

Blueman Group

blueman group boston windowgain
Where does a wildly successful theater group turn to increase brand awareness and continue to entice theatergoers well into their second decade of performances?   For the Boston production of the ever-popular Blue Man Group, the answer was simple: WindowGain.  Using full motion video to capture the thrills and surprises of their live performances, Blue Man Group leveraged  WindowGain’s Boston displays to capture the attention a whole new generation of theatergoers, and to  reconnect with existing fans who may be due for another dose of their unique and always exciting brand of live entertainment.   Visit the BluemanGroup website here.


WBOS radio 92.9

Combining high definition animations and state of the art through-window, stereo sound, WBOS has taken things to the next level with their WindowGain campaign. As part of a new station identity, WBOS looked to WindowGain to assist in the creation of animation and sound integration from existing artwork. The power of WindowGain digital advertising is truly in action as WBOS is running over 25 pieces of creative!

WBOS 92.9 windowgain outdoor

Click here to see the entire list of animated spots, created in-house by WindowGain.

“When Radio929 was looking for outdoor marketing opportunities, we were very interested in contrarian forms of media. WindowGain provided just that.  We are able to make impressions on pedestrians, both visually and sonically.  Being able to have a 'look' that is in motion, and 'sound' clips of the music we play, is very desirable! We've had many comments about how 'cool' these boards are. Our goal as a radio station is to be contrarian, so this form of outdoor is exactly what we wanted.”

Dana Marshall
Program Director

WBOS 92.9 is the definitive source for news and information in New England. As part of an effort to extend brand awareness beyond the monitor, turned to WindowGain. WindowGain staff created the template for a dynamic, RSS feed-pulling flash template currently running on our digital displays in Downtown Crossing.

live update rss feeds digital signage

Truly leveraging the power of the internet and real-time information, the spots provide pedestrians with the latest headlines from six different sections of Realtime weather, time and date are dynamic as well. The 10 second spots are just long enough to leave people wanting more and give the ultimate, content driven impression. Click here to view the animated version of the ad.

Verizon Wireless

The Red Sox are in the World Series. 75,000 people per game are going to be in the Fenway Park area - how are you going to reach them? Verizon Wireless chose WindowGain's two Fenway area screens for a targeted World Series tie-in to maximize their exposure during the big games. We transformed their "Next Phones Now" national campaign to run in high definition Flash format - even adding in some custom animation. The result - Red Sox fans realizing that America's Most Reliable Network has some of the coolest phones ever coming out for the holiday season!

verizon advertisment created by windowgain An animated Verizon Advertisment based on print campaign - created in house by WindowGain staff. Click here to view the animated version of the ad.

Massachusetts State Lottery

Ad agency Hill Holiday trusted WindowGain's Downtown Crossing displays to add more weight to the Mass Lottery's Holiday 2007 campaign. With less than a 2 day turnaround time, we were able to mirror their existing out of home creative to our high definition Flash format and have it live on our screens! We even added a dynamic "Countdown to Christmas" timer that gave the ads a more timely effect!

mass lottery windowgain advertisement Created for the Mass State Lottery, "A countdown to Christmas" plants a seed in the minds of last minute shoppers. Click here to view the animated version of the ad.

Higs Tickets

Boston is Title Town, USA right now. You want a Red Sox ticket? Good luck! Patriots tickets? Unless your last name is Kraft, better get a TV. Celtics? Garnett + Allen + Pierce = sold out for the season! What's a fan to do? Thanks to display ads on WindowGain, Boston fans now know to call Higgs Tickets. Starting with a campaign on the Fenway area screens, and now extending to the Downtown Crossing screens, Higgs Tickets continues to be a believer in direct response campaigns (which include up-to-the-minute pricing) from WindowGain!

mass lottery windowgain advertisement
Created for, Click here to view the animated version of the ad.


windowgain high definition digital displays

The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

edward hopper advertisement for MFA Boston Windowgain Animated piece created for Edward Hopper exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston.
Click here to view the animated version of the ad.

MFA logo

WindowGain gave us an opportunity to try a creative approach and promote art in an unexpected way.”
-Director of Marketing & Advertising
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA


The New England Aquarium

New England Aquarium advertises with WindowGain Sea Monsters 3D spot created for Simons IMAX Theate at The New England Aquarium. Click here to view the animated version of the ad.

New England Aquarium logo WindowGain

“The ads look so good in huge format.
WindowGain rocks!”

Marketing Director
New England Aquarium